I’m glad you haven’t changed your password. i thought you did. Look, im sorry. Im sorry because i treated you like bullshit. im sorry i didnt make you feel like my bestfriend. im sorry i ever went into your life. im sorry for making you feel bad about me, IM SORRY. im sure you hate me. right about now i bet you told your new bestfriend that you regret ever meeting me. i hope youre reading this. my sorry’s arent enough. im sorry. im sorry. i hope you havnt started cutting. i still care about you. the truth is that after you came, i my anxiety took over. IM bipolar, i cant control myself. I Felt like an idiot when i made you get offended so then i felt stupid and yeah. im sure your mom hates me right now. well im sorry. and i changed my number. my mom, sister & dad did too. after thursday i wont have the same number. I KNOW YOU HATE ME. YOU DONT HAVE TO RESPOND. IM  SORRY. AND I BROKE MY PROMISE. IM 5 TIMES COVERED IN SCARS. IM SORRY . IM SORRY I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO.

~~Your old bestfriend, celsa.

p.s- im sorry i didnt make the best of it when you came.

2 notes · #celsaperez
2 notes · #celsaperez
  1. sassyfagg0t said: I guess you didnt see it. its okay :)
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